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The paintball area is a good managed outdoor paintball field with kind and familiar stuff appropriate for all generations and occasions:

  • paintballChildren’s paintball for the youngest ones (aged 7-10) – at the beginning children shoot at targets, then they play a paintball game with adjusted gear (smaller, weaker guns, adjusted paint balls).
  • Paintball for teenagers (aged 11-14) – the play is played entirely on the paintball field with gear intended for teenagers (smaller, weaker guns, and adjusted paint balls).
  • Unique games of paintball in a natural field for organizations and associations, beginners and advanced players aged over 14 – read everything about it below.

Outdoor paintball

Paintball is an adventure that recharges you with positive energy.

It is a sports game that offers a lot of fun, adrenaline and relax, based on quick thinking, quick decisions and team work. Paintball rises the players’ self-confidence, the ability of quick thinking and making quick decisions. They enter the field as individuals and they leave it as a real team.paintball-26

Paintball is appropriate for players aged over 14. There are no upper age limits, thus persistence and the ability of quick thinking are more important than the age. Both genders can equally take part in the game. The minimum of players is 10 persons. If there are more candidates, a real tournament is organised.

Paintball is played in nature so it causes a realistic feeling and helps spending your free time outdoors in fresh air. The fenced and tactically set paintball field offers many combinations and playing possibilities. Players mark each other with special paint balls and markers as long as you get a winner.

Renting the paintball field and gear includes:

  • protective overalls,
  • a mask,
  • team marker bands,
  • markers,
  • and paint balls.

Paintball field rent is possible throughout the year due to the mild Mediterranean climate. You only need appropriate sports clothes and shoes and the desire for a new adventure. An instructor is always present at the field during the play for safety reasons.

Paintball is an excellent opportunity for gathering with friends, for birthday parties, stag and hen parties and other celebrations and kinds of fun.

Many companies and teams use it as a means of team building. The game strengthens communication, motivation, mutual encouragement and team spirit and stimulates development and thinking.


You can rent the paintball field under the village of Hrvatini all year round.

Rental available for (at least) 3 hours.

Children’s paintball and Teenager’s paintball lasts 2 hours + 1 additional hour for hanging out with friends on an intended spot with tables and benches.

The minimum number of people is 10 persons. Renting for less people is possible but the price is then 180€ altogether.

In case of a larger number of players a tournament is organised. Maximum 30 players can play at the same time.

For booking call at least a week in advance.

Call us and book you unforgettable day.