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Paintball for kids / children

We offer a unique paintball game for kids and children. On this page you can read everything about the paintball game for children (7-10 years old). For more about paintball for teenagers (11-19 years old) click here.

What is the difference between the normal paintball and a paintball game for children?

The difference between a normal paintball game and a paintball game for kids and children: children do not shoot at each other but at targets, so they start to know the game and the gear. Only after that, they play a real game in the real paintball field with adjusted protective gear. The game lasts for 2 hours. The renting includes an additional hour for children gathering on an appropriate space with tables and sheds.

The minimum number of players is 10. It is possible to play with less members, but the price remains 180€. An instructor who is always present take cares of he game safety. By renting the paintball field you get all the gear and the unlimited quantity of paint balls. You just need some sports equipment and shoes. During breaks, children can check their gear, can get a drink or a snack or just talk about the wins and losses.

Minimalno število igralcev je 10. Možno je tudi manjše število oseb, vendar je cena v vsakem primeru minimalno 180 €. Za varen potek igre skrbi inštruktor, ki je vedno prisoten. Ob najemu paintball poligona prav tako dobijo vso potrebno opremo z neomejeno količino barvnih kuglic. Potrebujete le primerno športno obleko in obutev. Otroci lahko med pavzami preverijo svojo opremo, se okrepčajo s pijačo in jedačo ali pa vznemirjeno pripovedujejo o nedavnih zmagah in porazih.

Let your child experience a trip, a birthday celebration or an unforgettable adventure in nature which the child will remember for the whole life.

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