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Paintball for teenagers (11 – 14 years)

When we first saw the joy of teenagers playing paintball abroad we were so excited that we decided to share this unique play to teenagers in our paintball field in Hrvatini.

For all new comers on our web site we present all types of paintball that you can experience with us:

Teenagers paintball features

Teenager paintball is a special feature of game which consists of special gear fort hem (protection, marker balls and guns) which offer a perfect and unforgettable safe game.

It is a sports game which offers a large amount of fun, adrenaline and relax. It helps developing quick thinking skills, fast decisions and cooperation.

Teenager paintball is played in nature with a whole the set of strategic obstacles.

Paintball is a perfect opportunity for gathering with friends, for special birthday parties and other celebrations and types of relax.

An enclosed aerea and a tactically set field offers many combinations and types of games. Players shoot each other with paintball airguns (for teenagers) and paint balls, they eliminate the hit ones until the last one is the winner.

Renting the paintball field
and gear is possible throughout the whole year because of the mild Mediterranean climate.

Renting possible for at least 10 players includes:

  • protective overalls,
  • protective goggles (mask),
  • marker bands,
  • a special marker,
  • and special paint for teenagers.

Players need sports clothes and shoes. An instructor who is always present take cares of the game safety.

You can rent it also for smaller groups (less than 10 people) – but the price stays the same 180€.

Let your child experince a trip, a birthday celebration o run unforgettable adventure ion nature which he will remember for his whole life.

Call us at 031 658 004 or write to us throught the contact form.

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